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Self Build Structural Warranty

A warranty is a specialised insurance product that covers the first few years in the life of a new house. If there is something fundamentally wrong with your house such as walls cracking, drains not working etc. The warranty provider will fix it instead of you having to chase up your builder.

Technically, it’s known as ‘latent defects insurance’. The warranty provider will check your plans (known as a technical audit) and inspect the house whilst under construction at various periods.

It’s not compulsory, but most lenders will require one, and you may have trouble selling a house less than ten years old if you don’t have a warranty in place.

Our Self Build Warranty has been designed for individuals building their own homes. Unlike Architects’ Certificates, Structural Warranties are insurance policies, providing you with cover in the event of damage caused by a defect in your property

Our Completed Housing Warranty has been designed for properties that are wind and watertight properties which are less than ten years old and were built without the benefit of having a Structural Warranty in place from the begining.

If you would like a quotation please complete and return this proposal form to or send by post to ProAktive House, Sidings Court, White Rose Way, Doncaster, DN4 5NU.

Please note that this is a standard insurance product offering the cover and benefits described. It is for you to determine the suitability of this policy for your needs and circumstances. ProAktive does not and has not offered any advice as to the suitability of this product to meet your requirements.

Warranty FAQs

What is a building warranty?

A building warranty is an insurance product which pays for the cost of rectifying defects to the building which are covered under the policy.

Why buy a warranty?

Peace of mind. A warranty adds value and saleability to property assets by reducing uncertainty of costs. All mainstream lenders require a structural warranty to be available when a property is sold at less than 10 years old.