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Property Developer Insurance

Who is Property Developer Insurance for?

If you are building one or more new houses, extending, converting or renovating a residential property with the intention to sell or rent on completion, our Developer Policy could be for you.

ProAktive’s Developer Policy is designed to cover small to medium new build developments, as well as being suitable for conversion, extension and renovation work on existing properties, including those being converted from commercial to residential use.

What does the Developer Policy cover?

Underwritten by Aviva, our policy includes as standard:

  • Contractors All Risks cover for the contract works
  • Public Liability up to 5 million
  • Employer’s Liability up to £10 million, which is a legal requirement if you employ people to work on your site.
  • We can also provide the option to include both Owned and Hired in Plant where required.

If you are undertaking an extension, renovation or conversion & your project includes an existing structure our policy will extend to cover this as well.

Quotations can be provided by completing the Developer Fact Find document (top right) and emailing it to

What policy periods do you offer?

This is a flexible policy with cover periods from 3 to 18 months – to suit your individual project. Should the build be delayed the policy period can also be extended.

Can you provide insurance before the build starts?

Yes. If you have purchased the land already and aren’t ready to start the build we can provide stand alone land liability cover. For a quotation click here, complete and email the quotation form to If your project involves an existing building the cover can be extended to cover liability arising from this also.

What happens if my project overruns?

Should the build be delayed the policy can be extended should you require it. This can be provided for as little as 1 month.

If your project completes before the policy term you have selected, the policy provides cover for a further 90 days to allow you sell the property or tenant it, or the policy will continue until the normal policy expiry date, whichever is the sooner.

Can you provide cover for my property once it is complete?

Yes. If your property remains unsold once the 90 day period is up or your Property Developer Insurance Policy has ended, we can access a number of insurers to provide unoccupied buildings cover while it is awaiting sale or rental.

If your project is a rental property and you have a tenant lined up we can also provide rental property insurance including any existing portfolio you may have.