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Why do I need Self Build insurance?

Why should I choose ProAktive Self Build over another provider?

We provide wide ranging cover and offer competitive premiums, however, cheapest is not always best and we pride ourselves on the commitment of our staff to provide the highest quality service. The policy is also underwritten by Aviva the largest UK insurer.

When should I start my insurance from?

You should have insurance cover as soon as you exchange on the plot of land or property. At that point you are responsible for insuring the plot/property. If you aren’t looking to start your build for some time you might want to consider cover just for land liability which we can provide in isolation. Please contact us on 01302 346831 for a quotation.

Can you incept cover immediately?

Yes we can. Once payment has been made by debit/credit card, you will then be on cover and documents will be issued immediately by email. Alternatively a BACS payment can be made with cover incepted once the money arrives in our account.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept all forms of credit cards except American Express.

What happens if I don’t finish my build within the specified time?

We will write to you or send an sms around a month before your policy is due to end where we can offer a minimum extension period of one month. Longer periods are available if required. The premium charged will reflect the term required plus a £50 administration fee.

Most standard household insurers will insist your build is signed off before accepting cover so your policy should continue until that point.

When does my policy cease?

Your policy will expire at the end of the policy term or when the certificate of completion is issued. At this point, alternative property cover will be required. Please note the policy can not be converted to Household Insurance.

Do I receive a return premium if my build finishes early?

No. This policy is for a fixed term and no return premium will be given.

What happens if I need to make a claim?

You can contact Aviva (the insurer) directly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0345 0307766. There are no claim forms to complete so Aviva will take details of your claim over the phone.

What if I’m not building the property myself?

Although referred to as self build insurance it is also known as site insurance or a contract works policy. Whether you are building the property yourself, using individual tradesman or a main contractor this insurance is right for you.

Do you cover renovations as well as new build properties?

Yes we do. We can cover many different types of renovations such as churches, windmills, barns, water towers etc. We can also provide cover for listed properties.

What cover do you provide for the existing structure?

Cover for any existing structure is slightly restricted to Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Aircraft, Earthquake, Escape of Water, Falling Trees, Impact and Escape of Fuel If your property is secure, wind and watertight we will also provide storm and flood perils.

Will you provide cover if I am selling/renting my completed project?

Providing the project you are undertaking is a one off build and you are not a builder/developer by trade we can insure the project with the same cover and premium as a property you were building to move into yourself. If you are a developer or are planning more builds within the year this policy is not suitable for you.

What if my builder already has insurance?

They may have the necessary cover in place for your build however there are a number of grey areas.

If the contractor has insurance it will have a limit set in terms of the sum they are insured for which may not be high enough to cover the build he/she is undertaking for you.

Some contractors will have “All Risks” cover but this does not extend to materials you source and buy yourself or if you are carrying out a renovation it will more than likely not cover the existing structure.

Some contractors will carry public liability cover however the cover may leave with them when they are not on site at night or over the weekend when the build is at its most vulnerable. If you are held either partly or wholly negligent for an accident on site you will need your own insurances in place. Additionally our public liability cover acts as a contingency cover should the contractors insurance fail.

My builder has asked to be noted as joint insured. Is this possible?

Yes potentially. Noting the builder as joint insured waives our right to subrogation. If your builder has an incident on site that gives rise to a claim and are joint insured on your policy, the insurer will not be able to claim their losses back from the builder. Therefore it will affect the premium quoted.

This is not an unusual request if you are paying your builder in stage payments throughout the build as they need to be able to claim back their own losses if there is, for example, a total loss claim.

Can you note the interest of a mortgage company to my documents?

Yes we can. It is common practice for mortgage companies to ask to be noted as having an “interest” in your build. We will note them on your policy schedule which you can then provide to them as proof of cover.

Do you provide cover for personal contents?

We provide £5,000 worth of cover for contents in a caravan or site hut. No other contents are covered and we are unable to be extend the policy.

Do I need any onsite security?

The policy doesn’t specify that you do. However it’s important to secure your site as much as possible from potential theft and trespassers. Unfortunately building sites do attract thieves and whilst theft is covered, if vital items of plant need replacing or materials have to be re-ordered this can delay the build further. If fencing your property off isn’t an option try to lock items away whenever possible.

Do you insure in Northern Ireland?

Yes. You can obtain a quotation via our website.

Do I pay VAT on the site insurance?

No. You do pay Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) and this is included automatically within all quotations we provide.