Monthly Archives: February 2016

What Is Clause 6.5.1?

Often some very important elements of insurance are forgotten or maybe you just weren’t aware of their existence. JCT clause 6.5.1 or 21.2.1 as it was formally known, is probably one of those. Clause 6.5.1 in a nutshell is non-negligence cover. For example you are building an extension to a semi-detached house. You are employing […]

Joint Insurance Issues For Self-Builders

Not the most exciting of subjects I know but you may well come across this at the beginning of your build and not be aware of the impact on your self build insurance. Some builders or even architects may want you to sign a document which effectively adds the contractor as a joint insured to […]

Iceberg Builds

Not since the days of Jack and Rose have they been so popular. These icebergs are very different to that hit by the Titanic in 1912 obviously but they have been in the news of late. Icebergs are the name given to multi-storey basements common in London as homeowners look at increasing their living space […]

Home Insurance – The Implications

It’s certainly an exciting time picking the design of your build and fine tuning it. Choosing what materials will make up your new home from the ground upwards is crucial but have you thought about what implications your choices will have not only on your self build insurance but on your home insurance for years […]