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Are your timescales realistic?

One question we ask as part of the quotation process is “How long do you expect your build to take”? This is often met with laughter or “I’ve no idea” but it is an important question and one worth putting thought into before undertaking the project as it has implications for your insurance. We understand […]

New Beginnings with Aviva

With effect from 1st March 2014 our selfbuild insurance scheme will be underwritten by Aviva. This will result in a number of positive changes including a large reduction in our current rates. The policy will remain much the same however we will now be able to include legal expenses and personal accident cover on request where […]

Welcome to our Self Build Insurance blog!

Welcome to the ProAktive Self Build blog where we hope to bring you news, advice, hints and tips to help you with your self build! If you’d like to save up to 50% on all your building materials check out our deal with Jewson  or if you’d like a quote for self build insurance click […]