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COVID-19 Update

I’d like to provide you with a quick update on our response to the Covid-19 crisis.

In response to the government’s recommendations ProAktive employees including the selfbuild team are working from home from 18th March. We are determined to continue to provide continuity of service and to this end, all selfbuild staff have the ICT, telephony and therefore capability to work from home.

In regard to our policies you may be aware both our selfbuild and developer policies have a cessation of works endorsement. This endorsement states that if work stops for more than 60 days the that ProAktive/Aviva, should be informed.

Covid-19 has meant that most, if not all, building sites have been mothballed for what is, as yet, an unknown period. It is very likely that projects will not be able to restart within the set 60 day period and therefore not be able to comply with the cessation of works endorsement. Therefore, Aviva have agreed that this period is extended automatically to 90 days. If required, this will be reviewed further in time.

Should your project run over and the initial period you selected isn’t long enough to complete your project we are able to extend the policy further. Our minimum term is 1 month but we will look to provide whatever period you require in order to get you through to sign off. We will contact you a month for your renewal date to remind you along with a short form to complete.

During this period of lockdown your site could be exposed to theft and malicious damage so it is worth noting there are steps you can take in order to lessen that risk.

Project Risk Assessment:

  • Site safety and security, including a schedule regular inspections. Try to undertake these at different times.

General Housekeeping:

  • Ensure that waste is removed from site (potential trip hazards)
  • Minimise storage of combustible materials
  • Fuel oils and gas cylinders should be removed from site
  • Drain down water systems
  • Isolate all non-essential utilities and services

Construction plant and materials:

  • Construction plant, machinery and tools should be taken off-hire and removed from site. Where this is not possible, all plant and tools should be stored in a secure unit or smaller items kept in the property should it be secure and weathertight.
  • Materials such as boilers, non-ferrous metals (lead, copper etc), kitchen equipment and sanitary ware are regularly stolen from selfbuild sites so again, house these in a secure unit or within the property if possible.
  • Board up window and door openings to prevent trespassers from entering the property or making it as difficult as possible.
  • Make sure any security such as CCTV is in working order.

Prevention of water damage:

  • If the property cannot be made fully watertight install temporary protective measures where possible such as boarding up window and door openings.